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The international internships offers opportunities to work in the field with grassroot level organisations and develop career skills and work experience in our affiliate development projects

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Academic Research

4 – 12 week research internship that gives students the opportunity to undertake field research with support of development professionals from NGOs, universities and enterprises in India

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Publications & Journal

Opportunities are available in our peer-reviewed, scholarly journal ‘Journal of Experiential Education and Learning’ in a diverse range of academic fieldwork, academic research articles

Experiential Education

Support the integration of theory and practice whilst fostering personal and professional development through field courses, online experiential learning and personal contact programs.


H B S Bhullar

As the Project Director, it is my mission to work and contribute towards creating an increasing number of informed, evolved and globally aware young people who can act as responsible global citizens with the ability to influence the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world. I am passionate about grassroot level community development, social work, global citizenship and sustainable development.

Pavas Mainra Malik

Courses Coordinator
Having studied Law and MBA in HR, I am currently pursuing Development and Extension Studies After 4-year stint in China, I am now handling HR, Training and Development portfolio as an Assistant Director at CIEEL and EduCARE India. I am passionate about women empowerment, Maternal and Child health sector.

Rachael Donovan

Courses Development
Born and raised in Australia, I have studied community development, human development and environment conservation. I have worked for 5-years in India in promoting grassroots level sustainable development and training and development. After returning to Australia, I have worked in the Northern Territories to work with Aboriginal teens in environment conservation and later in Children’s Commission in Queensland. Alongside other work interests I continue to develop and manage knowledge resources and courses for CIEEL.

Call for articles for the Journal

The 4th edition of our journal, JIEEL is planned for 2018-19. We are open to receiving article submissions until the 31 Jan 2019. Contact us below for further details.
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