The fee details for the short-term academic research and fieldwork program is detailed below:

Fixed fees:

  1. Documentation and legal outsourced support = $200
  2. Admin and resource support = $220

Plus variable fees of accommodation and meals based on the duration of stay:

  1. Up to 4 weeks duration of stay = $160
  2. Up to 8 weeks duration of stay = $320
  3. Up to 12 weeks duration of stay = $480

Thus, the total payable fee by each applicant is as follows:

Up to 4 weeks = $580 Pay via Paypal here
Up to 8 weeks = $740 Pay via Paypal here
Up to 12 weeks = $900 Pay via Paypal here

Confirmation procedures

      1. After your interview you will be sent a provisional acceptance letter with details of your project and placement.  You will also be sent an internship agreement that you will need to sign, scan and send back to us.
      2. To confirm your position, you are required to pay the internship fee.  You can make this payment securely through the Paypal links above
      3. Once your internship fee is paid and you have signed the internship agreement, you will have a confirmed placement.  You will the receive your official confirmation letter and visa request documents that you will have to take to your nearest Indian embassy to apply for your visa ++.

Refund policy

Our legal and visa documentation processes are outsourced by external consultants and retainers.  Thus, EduCARE India does not offer any refunds once your placement is confirmed as we are unable to absorb these external costs within the organisation.   In some exceptional circumstances for compassionate reasons, we may be able to offer a 50% refund, however this is at the sole discretion of the accounts department and will be processed in the next financial quarter after the refund request is made.  Please note that no refund request will be entertained in case of visa rejection by the Indian consulate. Under no circumstances will the program fee be refunded to the intern after the internship start date.

* Please note there is no legal insurance or visa documentation fee for Indian nationals or PIO/OCI card holders 
++ A separate visa application fee is required by each embassy.  Check your local Indian embassy website for payment details.