CIEEL, has been organising several experiential learning courses in India for over 14-years.

Vision Statement:

CIEEL prepares its learners to assume responsible learning and professional positions in an ever-changing world.

CIEEL serves as a nexus of interests of motivated and aspiring university students and the young professionals, by facilitating qualitative cross-disciplinary inter-cultural experiential learning, providing qualified help to its clients, and introducing graduate students to real-world grass-roots level development practices.

An ISO 9001: 2008 certified institute, CIEEL offers 4 core programs-

  1. Academic Fieldwork and Internship,
  2. Research, Thesis and Dissertation,
  3. Service Learning
  4. Blended Co-op Learning

In addition CIEEL also offers a range of options for experiential learning through activities such as –

  1. Workshops and Conferences,
  2. Cultural exchanges,
  3. Heritage tours,
  4. nature expeditions.

Academic Fieldwork and Internships: These include internship for students who could be studying: environment, farming, agriculture, forestry, energy resources,

The institution has good connections with several local institutions of importance, government offices, businesses, cultural associations and groups, non-profits to help students get experiential learning in the related work fields of interest.

Nature Expeditions: Nature Expeditions include visits to conservation areas, wild spaces, animal centres, trekking and hiking with a nature conservation and landscape management outlook with an aim to brief learners for the context of the biological diversity and to support them to develop ecologically oriented values.

It has promoted several

The CIEEL facilities are strategically located in Delhi, Dharamsala and Mumbai with adequate infrastructure and resources.