We’ve all heard the quote, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

We add to it, “It is all about the experience and learning”.

Experiential travel is synonymous with the pursuit of slow, immersed, and authentic experiences abroad. Even more than a genre of travel, experiential travel is a mindset that requires travelers to redefine their relationship to places and spaces, to see them as fluid and dynamic, not one-dimensional bucket-list items to stand in front of, photograph, and walk away smug and satisfied.

Experiential travelers know — in contrast to the rest of their lives — that it’s not about how far they go, how fast they arrive, and how much they see, but about the depth of their adventures and their closeness to the heartbeat of the places themselves.

It also requires travelers to redefine their relationship to time, to see it as plentiful rather than scarce. It requires them to take a deep breath and say, “I have the time” or, more powerfully, “I will make the time” to engage in a better breed of travel.

We offer various customised eco travel and volunteer programs ranging from a few weeks to a few months.


Custom Designed Trips for Students / Young Professionals​

​Our customised experiential travel program for students or student groups (from schools / universities) and young professionals is definitely isn’t your “typical” travel agency. Currently based in India, we as an experiential learning institution, focus on experiential and sustainable travel, as part of our endeavour to provide a quality srvice to our target group, working with institutions, businesses, govt offices, communities, locally-owned homestays, hotels and unique, cultural activities. We’re all about delivering curated, authentic travel experiences for our clients, so while we do offer a variety of pre-designed Experiential Travel Packages, but much of the work we do comes in the form of custom designed trips.

How it works [Custom Designed Trips]

  1. First, you send us the basics about your travel plans (i.e. estimated travel dates, budget, and any other preferences). Include your interests, travel style, and what you want to do. (*If you’d like, we can also schedule a short video chat (Skype or Google Hangouts) at your convenience to learn more about you and your travel style.)
  2. Based on the information you’ve provided, we’ll put together a few trip ideas (destinations, activities, etc.) for you to consider.
  3. You look at the outline and tell us If you want to move forward. If the answer is yes, we’ll create a completely unique, tailor-made travel plan for you, including hotel recommendations, transportation options, experiences and activities, restaurants, a customized travel map, and price estimate for the trip. The cost for the tailor-made travel plan will be a couple of hundred dollars that will be offset / saved from economical yet quality accomodations and travel plans.
  4. Now that it’s time to book. Book your whole trip with us (based on the price estimate provided in your travel plan except the international flights) and we’ll take care of everything from here on out (we’ll even refund the fee for your customized travel plan).
  5. Finally, if you choose to book with us, we’ll revise your travel plan as much as you want (changes to dates, hotels, transportation, activities, etc.) to ensure it’s perfect. Once you’re ready to book, we collect a non-refundable deposit (typically 50% of your total trip cost) and secure your reservations. Once your trip is totally booked we’ll send you a final invoice along with your complete itinerary, including confirmation numbers and vouchers, so when you arrive at your destination you’ll have everything you need to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!


Our fee

​We are a non-profit social enterprise initiative. While we do charge a small trip management fee, it usually ends up paying for itself. The small fee we do charge, allows us to a) take care of all those important little details of your custom designed trip, ensuring you don’t have to worry about a thing, b) support a sustainaible development project in rural India.

Contact us for more information.