Program Application FAQs

1. What are the Requirements for applying to the CIEEL programs?

  • A cover letter describing motivations, work areas of interest, career goals, expectations, intended dates/duration etc
  • CV / resume
  • For research students: one letter of recommendation from either a Professor (in case of a student), or, a senior manager / employer (in case employed), or, a colleague / friend / family member (in case of unemployed / self-employed).
  • students may also send academic transcripts/records (student copy preferred) (optional)

2. How can one apply to join a CIEEL program?

To apply, complete the online application form, fill in your personal details and send the required documents to

3. When are the Application deadlines?



The Internships are on a rolling basis and can be for 4 weeks to 6 months depending on the Intern’s interest and availability of positions at CIEEL for the corresponding time.

4. How much are the internships are they paid or unpaid?

As we are a sustainable organisation and social enterprise initiative, all short-term, research scholars are required to pay a one-off fee, which covers the legal, administration and recruitment costs involved with running our internship programs, training and development fees. These charges contribute towards the capacity building of the institution as well as our affiliates.

5. Is there any fee for the programs? If yes, then how much is it?

There are fees related to the program please email for more information.

6. What is excluded from the fee?

The intern is responsible for flights, travel insurance, visa and personal expenses

7. Are there any discounts on fees for local / Indian interns?

There are fees related to the program please email for more information.

8. Where will the Research Internships take place?

The research internships will take place in our three centre locations in Dharamsala, Rajasthan and Punjab.

9. Will there be support on the ground during my research Internship?

There will be local support on the ground for research interns with the support of the local liaison officer. They will provide one to one meetings with stakeholders, organisations and the local community.

10. Who will I be reporting to directly?

As a research intern you have support from the Project Mentor for support and you will be having weekly and monthly meetings with the CIEEL Coordinator on your progress within the Internship program.

11. How do I get to the place I will be working?

The three locations are Dharamsala, Rajasthan and Punjab and their locations and how to get there are outlined in the CIEEL Guide. Please see here (Download Link)

12. Will there be training before I start my Research / Internship Program?

There will be training and general introduction to the CIEEL program and what is expected of interns during their research internship. Details will be given to Interns once they have been selected for the program.



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