Program Goals

CIEEL language learning programs (LLP) are designed to offer the following:

EnglishLLP is available to international students who wish to learn English in an immersion setting.  Students will stay with an English speaking family in India and take regular English classes in person. It is an intensive English language training for non-English background students as well as those who need to improve their English for personal and professional reasons in a student-centered, nurturing environment.

HindiLLP is available to those international students who speak basic English and wish to participate in a Hindi immersion program.  Students will stay with an Indian family and taking regular Hindi classes.

Cultural orientation programs are available to:

  • help students pass through the various stages of adjustment and emotional growth in their new environment
  • encourage awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the values and customs of people from different cultures and countries
  • promote mutual understanding and positive relationships in the community
  • Academic preparation is also available to assist students with skills and strategies necessary for success in a foreign university